Cartazes em Neon [gifs]

O designer Mr. Whaite vem realizando um belo trabalho com imagens curiosas sobre cinema. Um desses trabalhos foi a criação de cartazes de filmes famosos com gifs em neon. Confira as imagens:

The world famous, Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest - in neon. (Just be thankful that I didn’t animate the Gimp scene.)  T-shirt available now - love neon signs - they’re hypnotic, sexy, sleazy and tacky all at the same time - and I’ve always thought it would be cool if cinemas used them to advertise films. So with that in mind, I thought I’d have a go at designing some animated Movie Neon. My first attempt is Ghostbusters - an obvious choice really, particulary as neon featured heavily in the video for Ray Parker Jr’s single…
“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” An animated neon poster for the original Star Wars film - Episode IV: A New Hope. This is the key moment when Luke discovers his call to adventure and the hero’s journey begins. Also in this series of Star Wars neon posters: The Empire Strikes Back - Return of the Jedi -
There are so many classic scenes in The Empire Strikes Back - which one to choose when designing a neon poster? The Luke/Vader fight seems like an obvious choice, but I was always impressed by the AT-AT Walkers - great stop-motion animation and an ideal cyclic motion for neon. Also, it’s a suitable image to illustrate the Empire ‘striking back’. Also in this series of Star Wars neon posters: A New Hope - Return of the Jedi -